How To Become A Teacher

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I have a group of students to start a class online.I do not have a group of students but I would like to teach online.I have an idea for a unique and innovative teaching course.I am applying for one of the jobs posted

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Become a Teacher

pdf files only


  • at least a Master’s in a subject;
  • at least two years of experience teaching the subject;
  • experience designing material and learning modules is essential;
  • computer literacy and experience teaching online using LMS and other educational technology is a must;

Documents required along with the application form:

  • a teaching proposal (subject; plan of action; teaching material; methodology; use of technology; etc.)
  • cover letter
  •  Resume


Documents required at the time of appointment:

  • three recommendation letters
  • current FBI fingerprints, criminal and child abuse background check

Language Assistant Program (LAP)

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