Privacy policy and Terms and conditions

1. By providing your WhatsApp contact information, you are allowing OWL team members to contact you regarding your course selection. We will use WhatsApp correspondence only if
a.  we do not receive any email reply from the interested student/parent within a week of first response is sent out;
b. the e-mail response from OWL did not go through (especially because the address could not be found).
If you do not want us to contact you on WhatsApp, please leave the option blank on the ‘Quick Query’ form.

2. We only use essential cookies. We never share students’ personal information (email, country of origin, course selection etc.) with anybody other than OWL instructors.

3. All content, logo, name and images on this website is a copyright of Online World of Learning, and any illegal copying of content or the use of the logo or other material is a violation of copyrights as per the laws of the United states of America.

4. All students are supposed to read, sign and submit the ‘Classroom Policies’ before starting any course. OWL has the right to dismiss any student from the program if he/she does not adhere to the ‘Classroom Policies’.

5. OWL reserves the right to modify the course durations, offerings and fees from time to time. Please consult the administration at before paying for any course.

6. All students are expected to know and understand our refund policies:
a) No refunds after week 3 of classes. Students who provide written notice of cancellation before the end of week 3, Saturday (Eastern Standard Time), are entitled to a refund of the remainder course fee (total course fee- hours attended). Refunds will be provided within 7 days of receiving notice of cancellation.
b) Students are financially and academically responsible for their enrollment in
courses if they are active beyond week 3. Participation in courses is the responsibility of the student. If a student remains enrolled in a course after three weeks end (Saturday of the third week of the course), he/she will remain enrolled in the course through the end of the course.
c) We reserve the right to deactivate your access to material and online lectures for failure to par applicable fee. All fees are stated in U.S. Dollars.
d) The course fee does not include the transaction surcharge. You are also responsible for all costs of currency conversion (if applicable).
e) We do not save any credit/debit card information and the payment is processed directly through the secure portal of PayPal. We are not liable for any credit/debit card fraud.
f) The contract is deemed to be made in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA.

7. The parties agree that this transaction shall be governed by the laws of Pennsylvania and disputes will be settled under the jurisdiction of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

8. No student is allowed to share their login credentials or course material with anyone. This is a criminal act. If found guilty, students would be not be allowed to continue or take up any courses. No refunds would be made in such cases.

9. OWL is governed by the laws of Common Wealth of Pennsylvania.

10. These Privacy Policies and the ‘Terms and Condition’ are subject to change. You are responsible for reading this document carefully.  Please use the translation button on this website to read this document in your language.