Program Options


1. Comprehensive SAT/ACT is an intensive and all-inclusive 120-hour long course. This option is cheaper per class. Comprehensive SAT/ACT includes

    1. Math, reading and writing 
    2. Coaching and test practice
    3. 5 additional practice tests for free


2. Brush-up course is fast-track, short and ideal for revision. This is a 60-hour long course and it includes 

    1. Any one of the subjects (Math or Reading or Writing)
    2. Only coaching


3. Test Practice is for students who are ready but want to practice time management, and wish to warm-up before the actual test. There will be a follow-up feedback and a review session (for free) after every test. Students can choose from three types of test packet:

      1. 3 tests ($ 50 for each test)
      2. 5 tests  ($ 50 for each test)   
      3. 10 tests ($40 for each test) 



More information on Fall SAT/ACT Camp 2020 and Winter SAT/ACT Camp 2021 coming up in July, 2020. Online registration will begin in August. 

Coaching for Advanced Placement (AP), Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) and Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) are offered in Quarter 1 (Winter) and Quarter 4 (Fall) only. More information on these courses coming up in July 2020. Online registration will begin in August.