Program description

K12 Excellence Program is for students wishing to go beyond the grade level performance in their core areas: Math, Reading and Writing. The courses start with the grade-level fundamentals. Progressively, students learn more complex concepts, analyze more complex texts and write more advanced essays. Students might be asked to take a grade-level placement test. Students scoring 90% on these grade-level test will be considered ready for more challenging work.

Program options

The learning groups are as follows:

  • Group A: Grades 6 and 7
  • Group B: Grades 8 & 9
  • Group C: Grades 10-12

Learning outcomes

  • In Math Excellence Program (MEP), students would develop mathematical thinking, analytical reasoning, and the aptitude to solve equations, and word problems independently;
  • Reading Excellence Program (REP) focuses on critical thinking skills, or higher-order thinking skills essential for college readiness and preparedness.
  • Writing Excellence Program (WEP) teaches to present and organize information coherently and cohesively. The program aims to raise   understanding about important aspects, such as, audience, purpose, content, structure, etc.

Summer Special!

 We offer a range of educational programs for grades 6-12. Registration starts during the first week of May. Students must consult the schedule before opting for more than one course.

  1. Workshop: Writing for publication
  2. Summer Intensive Math club
  3. Summer Intensive Reading club
  4. Discussion and Debate Club

This page will be updated with more information regarding these and other clubs in May 2020.


  • Lectures & feedback Yes
  • Quizzes & assignments Yes
  • Skill level Grade 6-12
  • Duration varies with the subject
  • Schedule 4 hours a week (2 times a week)
  • Assessments Yes
  • Additional Free courses No